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An FHA Simple Refinance lets homeowners get a lower interest rate and decrease their monthly payments.

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FHA Simple Refinance

FHA Simple Refinance

With an FHA Simple Refinance, homeowners with a current FHA Loan can refinance into a new one, whether it's a fixed-rate loan or an ARM. The Simple Refinance has no cash-out option and is the most straightforward; lenders require a credit qualification, which is the process of analyzing credit, income, and assets to ensure the borrower meets the requirements for the new loan terms. There is also a home appraisal, to assess the current home value. With an FHA Simple Refinance, the new loan amount can include all closing costs and prepaid items, as long as the amount falls within the appraised value.

Who Can Apply?

It might seem obvious, but to qualify for an FHA Simple Refinance, there must be a calculable benefit from refinancing. A Simple Refinance is only applicable on an owner-occupied principal residence or HUD-approved secondary residences. Borrowers must also be current in their loan payments for the previous 6 months to be considered eligible for a refinance.

Benefits of Refinancing Your Home

Refinancing some time and money on your part, so it's important to ask yourself if you'll be benefitting from the process. Here are some of the reasons borrowers choose to refinance their homes.

  • Lower interest rates mean a smaller monthly payment. If you're in need of a little more disposable income every month, refinancing for a lower rate may be to your benefit.
  • Borrowers can even look into switching from an ARM to a fixed-rate loan to lower their monthly payments. After the introductory period of an ARM, your interest rate may have risen drastically. With a fixed-rate loan, you'll always know what you owe month-to-month, giving you more peace of mind.
  • Some homeowners who find themselves in need of cash at short notice, choose to borrow cash against their home equity with a Cash-Out Refinance. Despite the additional, long term cost of a Cash-Out Refinance, it is a good opportunity for homeowners who need instant funds for renovations, bills, or emergencies, without having to sell their home.
About the One-Time Close Constuction Loan
To qualify for an FHA Simple Refinance, borrowers must pass a credit qualification, which is the process of analyzing credit, income, and assets.
See Your Credit Scores From All 3 Bureaus
See Your Credit Scores From All 3 Bureaus

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Planning your FHA loan means asking some important questions early in the process.  The most obvious question is associated with the type of home you want. How large a house do you need? FHA mortgages allow the purchase of homes with between one and four living units.

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Everything You Should Know About Appraising for a Refinance

Savvy homeowners make it a point to monitor interest rates so they can take advantage of a drop. Many choose to refinance their mortgages to capitalize on falling rates and lower their monthly payments and save on interest.

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